"Wade gave me the tools I needed to clear away my fears, recognize my essence, and take massive action steps toward my dreams. He did all this with an encouraging and supportive attitude that made me feel like I really had someone in my corner who was rooting for me. If you want to start living the life you've always dreamed of, Wade is the guy you want on your team."

N. Bell, Seattle, WA


"Wade is personable, intuitive and he gets it! Working with Wade is a mind blowing experience! I consider myself a Master of Transformation but working with Wade brings transformations to a whole new level. Not only will you experience breakthroughs you will break-out into a new way of being! What Wade does is simply remarkable!"

B. Miller, Victoria, BC


"I have the life and business I do because this man is my friend. Wade Smith is by far one of the most extraordinary strategic partners I've ever had the pleasure of working with. While still working in the government, Wade was a consistent support to projects and endeavours I was undertaking. His leadership and resilience is unmatched. Wade has the unique ability to match bold vision with connected concern for an individuals overall desires. Wade has continually proved that he is a brilliant leader, wise friend, and trusted colleague. I owe so much to this man and could never say enough to represent my gratitude."

J.G. Butler, Nanaimo, BC


"Wade has helped me to clearly identify my values, remove obstacles, and live in the moment. To me, this is freedom! I can honestly say that he has helped me to face my fears and move through them with confidence. With his guidance, I’ve learned new skills which have helped me to focus on the most important aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. This has opened up the door to possibility."

S. Mandy, Victoria, BC


"Wade Smith is passionate about being of service to others. As a Life Coach, he brings his heart, energy and spirit in supporting his clients to be their best selves and to live the life of their dreams. Wade creates an atmosphere in which clients can explore, discover and make real the possibilities that seemed impossible. He is a driving force for personal transformation. Vanessa G Phillips, Declare Possibilities Coaching ."

V. Phillips, Seattle,WA


"Wade's big picture perspective and 'ego-less' guidance has been invaluable in navigating through the never ending quest of finding balance in business and life. His exercises are insightful and his innate skills in seeing the forest through the trees will help anyone who is willing to trust in the process. Respectfully recommended."

F. Vatterott, Boulder, CO


"What I appreciated most about working with Wade was his depth of insight, caring heart, and commitment to showing up and inviting the change that’s possible. Rather than it just being about achieving goals or attaining targets it was also about me finding my essence and bringing my gifts forward. I enjoyed his enthusiasm, lightheartedness, and ability to offer a fresh perspective that inspired new action. It is a true gift to feel like someone’s on your team, in service of your growth, success and transformation. Anyone who chooses to say yes to working with Wade will be sure to benefit from his presence, wisdom and support, and feel great about their decision!"

C. Yole, Vancouver Island, BC


"Wade's ability to see into your heart, and to get beneath what you are wearing on the surface is remarkable. You can't put anything past him. Wade compassionately and gently helps you to identify your limiting "stories" and to move past them by incorporating practices and declarations into your weekly rhythm. I have never met a person who could be so completely focused on another, and so present, while maintaining his own strength and clarity."

C. Buckshon, Calgary, AB