Courtesy Normandy Sightseeing Services

Courtesy Normandy Sightseeing Services

The dirt

As veterans and serving members of the military, police, fire rescue, and other emergency responders, we dedicate our lives, and many freedoms, to serve others. During the course of our careers we see a lot of shit. Adversity takes on a whole new level and meaning, while societal norms can generate disempowering sympathy and misunderstanding. I believe there is strength in adversity. We are not victims, we are whole, complete, and there is nothing wrong with us. Only your story is holding you back from living a wholehearted life. You are exactly where you need to be right now.

The light

We are courageous, fearless leaders, full of love, but with guarded hearts. As a RCMP friend of mine so eloquently put it, "Wade, it's not like I walk around with my head up my ass". I get it. There are dark horrors in this world that can never be undone, or unseen. But the world is also a place of light, magnificence and pure beauty.

I believe this represents the embodiment of the worldwide boom following WWII. It was the strength of the veterans which created a whole new world from the ashes of war. This is the power I see in you. 

the way

Regardless of rank or title, we made shit happen in our careers, so what is stopping you from doing that at home, or in a new career? Crossing the gap from where you are to where you want to be does not have to be full of fear, humiliation and failure. There is a way. My own experience doesn't make me the expert of you. Your journey is yours alone, yet you don't have to do it alone. Working in small teams, like many of us have, brings out our best. The three-month 'Mind The Gap' coaching program is designed to ignite a once and for all shift towards filling your cup, your heart, and succeeding in whatever comes next.

*Next start date is 12 April 2017. Space is limited, apply soon. 

*Rate is $1650 for three months of  group coaching, includes 12 x one-hour, five-person coaching sessions plus three-hours of additional one-on-one training.

*Also included is a support team of like-minded men and women who made the bold choice to live wholeheartedly and full of love.

the rules

-If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or an Operational Stress Injury (OSI), a consultation with a clinical therapist, councillor, or psychologist is mandatory. You must be in the 'green' state of mental health to begin this program. That means addiction free, responsible, socially and physically active, good sense of humour, normal sleep patterns, calm and in control mentally. If these criteria are not met, I may be able to assist you in building the support you need. 

-All communication is100% confidential, by everyone on the team.

-Leave judgements at the door. Honesty and integrity mean everything.

-Show up on time. Respect other's time.

-Stay open minded.

-Speak directly - mean what you say and say what you mean.